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"Comprehensive Guide: Licensing and Certification Requirements for Drones in the United States"

The United States is one of the pioneering countries in establishing clear regulations for the commercial use of drones. Here, we will explore the necessary requirements to obtain a drone pilot license and the certifications required to operate these aircraft legally and safely in the U.S. airspace.

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Requirements for Drone Pilot License:

  • Minimum Age: To obtain a drone pilot license in the United States, applicants must be at least 16 years old.

  • Approved Exam: Passing the aeronautical knowledge test (FAA Part 107) is a fundamental requirement. This exam evaluates the applicant's knowledge of various areas related to aviation and commercial drone operations.

  • License Application: Applicants must complete and submit a remote pilot license application through the online portal of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

  • Background Check: A background check may be required as part of the license application process.

  • License Renewal: The remote pilot license must be renewed every 24 months by completing a recurrent aeronautical knowledge test.


Licensing and Certification Requirements for Drones in the United States

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