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Thermal Camera in Drones

Thermal cameras in drones are a fascinating tool that is gaining popularity among drone enthusiasts and tech hobbyists. These cameras offer a new perspective by allowing us to see the world differently, from detecting hot spots in nature to searching and rescuing people. As technology advances, the potential of thermal cameras on drones continues to expand, offering exciting opportunities to explore and discover our environment in new ways.

demonstration of vision style of thermal camera built into a drone


When was the thermal camera incorporated into drones?
A question mark with its interior in the style of a thermal camera

Thermal cameras on drones aren't exactly new, but they have recently gained popularity among hobbyists and professionals alike. Originally reserved for military and police uses, these cameras have made the leap to the consumer market thanks to technological advances and lower prices. Now, they are an exciting tool for a variety of civic and recreational activities, and people can't get enough of them!.

Starting in 2000, drones equipped with thermal cameras began to emerge as an innovation in the field of technology. Back then, these cameras were considered a rarity, mainly used in military and espionage missions. However, as the 21st century progressed, these cameras came out of the shadows and became a common accessory on commercial drones.

Thermal cameras on drones are like having a superpower to see the invisible world. They can easily detect temperature differences, which is super useful for finding problems such as heat loss in your home, hot spots in your electrical devices, or even for locating people or animals in the dark. It's like having night vision but even better!

Top 10 industries that use drones with thermal cameras

  1. Agriculture

  2. Construction

  3. Security and Law Enforcement

  4. Energy

  5. Infraestructure

  6. Enviroment

  7. Mining

  8. Search and Rescue

  9. Filming and Photography

  10. Real Estate Inspection

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